Sunday, February 19, 2012

Imagination Takes Flight

For the past six months, Ella has been saying, "the witch is coming."  It's never a happy coming in Ella's mind.  This morning she repeated the usual and took off running.  So, today...we told Ella it was the witch's birthday and asked if she would like to have a birthday breakfast for her?  She was excited about that idea.  She quickly named her, "Fly Away" and decided she was turning two.

While dad was making pancakes, Ella and I set a party table for two.  We brought out the birthday candles, Ella found her witch hat from Halloween...and the party began.  For her birthday, Ella wanted to give her a special candle (which I quickly found in cupboard and wrapped up with raffia).

After breakfast, I found her and Fly Away "making snow men out of play dough."

Hopefully, her imaginary friend is now a "good" witch, and mom doesn't feel the need to fly away with the addition of another two year old;).

Update on 2/25/12:  Another witch joined the circle of friends; her name is French Fry.

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