Monday, January 30, 2012

Potty Time

Many people have asked me about potty training.  We followed the Montessori From The Start method outlined in the book.  The Montessori goal is not to rush to get your child potty trained, but to learn to communicate about his/her needs from an early age.

At nine months, we introduced Ella to her own little potty as recommended in the book.
This method was successful for us. By nineteen months, she was completely potty trained--even through the night.  We never forced the issue, but when we introduced the potty to her, we did so at the optimal times outlined in the book:  before and after nap/bedtime, playtime, lunch, etc.  
Daddy hooked her up with some potty-time tunes.
Before she turned two, we placed a bigger Baby Bjorn potty in her room (mainly for middle-of-the- night potty breaks), and it has remained her comfy potty of choice.  We whipped up a waterproof pee pad like the one found on: to help with any potential mishaps.
At two years, she's self-sufficient and independent.  She doesn't normally narrate her potty breaks, but I guess since daddy was filming...she added comments for interest;).  
Then, it was back to the bathroom to wash her hands.  

It is simply amazing what infants/toddlers learn and absorb at such an early age!

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