Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fruits n' Such Orchard

Love the idea of a local pick-your-own fruits and veggie orchard.  It's off season for this small orchard in Dickinson, but like they say, "timing is everything."  Ella and I lucked out this afternoon with a special tour from Mrs. Rene.  What a treat!  

 Petting one-day-old chick
Big fan of Satsumas...ate three before we left the orchard.
Sensory trip through the herb garden
Knew I would forget the name of this butterfly;). 
Mrs. Rene letting Ella feed the catfish.
The wind up...Mrs. Rene said to throw the food as hard as she could.  
Notice the thrown food at the top of the picture
Happy Catfish
Hungry Caterpillar
Sated and content...both of them!
Check out Fruits n' Such:  If you "Like" on Facebook, she posts when she has Fall produce available.  Otherwise, a must for Spring!

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