Tuesday, October 10, 2017


The recent vision developmental and motor examination confirmed that Ella has dysnemkineidesia:  a form of dyslexia that renders her "word and symbol blind." Specialists all recommend the need for "intense intervention through homeschooling and tutoring." And, since mom is a verb...last night, a very primitive, makeshift classroom was pulled together in preparation for today's lessons. 

We started with the Pledge of Allegiance to an imaginary flag (because our real one is packed) and prayed to God for wisdom and for Him to open our hearts and minds to receive His teachings.  We also gave thanks for Ella's dyslexic specialist, Mrs. Julia Steele, for her guidance, input, love and support...and of course, to daddy Troy for all he does for his girls.    

Prayers and guidance are always welcomed.  May our days be filled with love, patience, books, scriptures, music, nature, movement, art, and sweet human connection.  

I got this!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Change is Happening

...and a wee bit stressful.

Last December, we embarked on--what we thought was a three month renovation of our kitchen and bathooms.  Eight months later, we moved in to our beautifully remodeled home. 
Three weeks later, the horrific Hurricane Harvey flooded/wiped out everything in his path--including most of our neighborhood.  While water didn't "flood" our house directly, it came up through the weep holes and wept up the walls for the next eight days (thanks to no electricity and our need to be evacuated).  Most people lost everything they owned, and many lost their lives and/or the lives of loved ones. 

Counting our blessings, we moved out and began another home redo.   "Aunt Chasity and Uncle Darren" kindly took their house off the market and allowed us to rent from them while ours gets repaired.  So, for the next few months, we are living in Dickinson.

In the meantime, Troy has been busy as ever, and we've been told by doctors/specialists that Ella has Dyslexia.  Most of my days are spent dealing with contractors, adjusters, specialists, Google searching--and, trying to find things in boxes. 

They say change is good and breaks up routine.  Um, yes, that would be a definite truth.  

Since I'm fond of happy endings, I will end on a happy note:  we got a new puppy a day or two before Harvey blew through.  Meet Willy the Conqueror Broussard....  He is definitely Dag-a-roo's shadow--and annoying little brother (at times;).   

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Pacific Adventures

The Jewel of the Mariana Islands:

Hafa Adai (Hello)
Blue Linckia Sea Star
Two Lovers Point:
WWII History:  From Occupation to Liberation
Narita, Japan

Offering incense in exchange for healing power and cleansing hands/mouth before entering the temple to experience the The Goma Fire Ritual at Shinshoji Narita-san Temple: Chiba

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Venomade Lemonade 2017

Over 1,000 young entrepreneurs participated in this year's Galveston Country Regional Chamber of Commerce Lemonade Day Program.  

Ella partnered up with her friend, Trenton, and formed Venomade Lemonade. They worked hard, had fun, won several awards, learned a lot, earned a lot, and donated to good causes.

Special thanks to Hugh & Jeff's, Rainforest Pets, and all of our friends and family who supported Venomade Lemonade.
Program Requirements:  Invest 1/3, Save or spend 1/3, and Donate 1/3.  Trenton and Ella split their $780 profit, leaving $390 each.  Ella donated $130 to her deceased cousin's benefit for his two surviving children, deposited $130 in her savings, and meets with the Friend's Church committee on Wednesday, May 31st, to present her food bank donation.

Another successful year!  Thank you Gina Spagnola and Galveston Chamber staff who work with so many to make this opportunity available to our little ones.  

Previous years:

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Texas Folklife...

...and two of my favorite "little fiddlers."
Lesson in between waves of cyclers

For more than a decade now, riders cresting a hill in Belleville have been greeted by this incredibly humble--yet legendary--fiddler standing roadside playing (for four+ hours), smiling, and supporting the MS 150 cause.  Hundreds of riders stopped to get pictures and express their appreciation. 
This year, as part of the Texas Folklife Apprenticeship Program, Ella had the opportunity to join in and play with Mr. Robert, his son (Jonathan), and grandkids.  
Like father like son...good musical genes
 She had so much fun...
...and beat to her own drum.
To boot, she had her first "jam session"

"She could have [played] all night, she could have [played] all night and then have begged for more..."

So glad our paths crossed with this one-of-a-kind iconic musician--and his beautifully sweet family.  Another living tradition practiced and passed along.  Gotta love folklife!