Sunday, February 26, 2012


Watermelon lemonade...Ella loved this one!  After a few minutes of sucking, you're rewarded with a nice blend of sweet and sour.  

Strawberry lemonade break

San Jacinto Monument:  the world's tallest memorial column (15 feet taller than Washington Monument)

A little roughhousing:   lots of giggles lost in the wind

We had such a good weekend.  Simple, fun family time. Together.  

In the kitchen: 
A bag of freshly picked, juicy lemons from Nono and Oma gave daddy the opportunity to teach Ella how to juice.  The lemon juice with fresh strawberries made an amazingly refreshing pitcher of strawberry lemonade.  

Dinner was a tasteful combination of snapped beans roasted with garlic, chicken, zucchini cakes with homemade yogurt ranch dressing, and fresh-from-the-oven dark chocolate granola bars.  

A little "pretend" work, real play, roughhousing, and sightseeing was oh-so-pleasing to our little twenty-seven month old.  This weekend we all learned from/about each other, we giggled, we had fun.

We need to make such time together a priority!

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