Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Big Mess, Big Fun

The kitchen was humming most of the day.  We started out with Banana Bites (bananas cut 1/4" thick on the diagonal, dipped in pancake batter, cooked on the griddle, and served with a bit of maple syrup).  

Afternoon snack:  crunchy, fresh-out-of-the-oven kale chips.  

And, dinner was pizza perfect:    homemade whole wheat pizza dough, sauce and pesto with an array of fresh toppings (bell peppers, pineapples, olives, green onions, fresh baby spinach, garlic, and turkey pepperoni).  I intended to make a quilt pizza (like the one found on with different parts of the pizza having specific toppings, but Ella's plans were more of a confetti style, free-for-all with toppings everywhere--which worked, too;).  

Brushing on some olive oil
Stretching the dough
Sneaking a piece of pineapple and turkey pepperoni 
Enjoying the fruits of our labor
A glorious mess--cleaned up
I very much love making new foods for Ella.  Anyone who has been around her at snack or meal-time knows how much she enjoys her food.  And, that...makes us smile.

The world is on your plate, sweet girl!


  1. I love that you get to do all that with her! I wish sweet Abby could have more variety in the foods she eats. So many things cause her chemical burns on her bottom though (to the point that it bleeds). That, combined with the fact that she's 16 months old and only has two partially-grown-in bottom teeth, well, that makes it really tough to really EAT!

    Ella's a lucky girl to get such variety -- and to have a Mommy who takes the time to teach her to cook, even now!

    You're a great Mommy, Cyndi!


  2. Thanks Tracy. Sorry to hear that so many foods cause sweet Abby to get chemical burns. Is there a certain culprit that you've discovered? Her teeth will come in all at once, and she will be ready to chomp on most anything. Bookmark It's a great site for all ages;)