Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Texas Folklife...

...and two of my favorite "little fiddlers."
Lesson in between waves of cyclers

For more than a decade now, riders cresting a hill in Belleville have been greeted by this incredibly humble--yet legendary--fiddler standing roadside playing (for four+ hours), smiling, and supporting the MS 150 cause.  Hundreds of riders stopped to get pictures and express their appreciation. 
This year, as part of the Texas Folklife Apprenticeship Program, Ella had the opportunity to join in and play with Mr. Robert, his son (Jonathan), and grandkids.  
Like father like son...good musical genes
 She had so much fun...
...and beat to her own drum.
To boot, she had her first "jam session"

"She could have [played] all night, she could have [played] all night and then have begged for more..."

So glad our paths crossed with this one-of-a-kind iconic musician--and his beautifully sweet family.  Another living tradition practiced and passed along.  Gotta love folklife!

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