Sunday, May 28, 2017

Venomade Lemonade 2017

Over 1,000 young entrepreneurs participated in this year's Galveston Country Regional Chamber of Commerce Lemonade Day Program.  

Ella partnered up with her friend, Trenton, and formed Venomade Lemonade. They worked hard, had fun, won several awards, learned a lot, earned a lot, and donated to good causes.

Special thanks to Hugh & Jeff's, Rainforest Pets, and all of our friends and family who supported Venomade Lemonade.
Program Requirements:  Invest 1/3, Save or spend 1/3, and Donate 1/3.  Trenton and Ella split their $780 profit, leaving $390 each.  Ella donated $130 to her deceased cousin's benefit for his two surviving children, deposited $130 in her savings, and meets with the Friend's Church committee on Wednesday, May 31st, to present her food bank donation.

Another successful year!  Thank you Gina Spagnola and Galveston Chamber staff who work with so many to make this opportunity available to our little ones.  

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