Sunday, March 26, 2017


Yesterday, Ella auditioned for the Bay Area Youth Symphony and later that afternoon received an email that was music to our ears.

Dear Ella,
Thank you for auditioning for the Bay Area Youth Symphony. BAYS is pleased to offer you a position with the Preparatory Orchestra for the 2017-2018 season. To accept this position please respond to this e-mail....  

Special thanks to Mrs. Christa Razem (Bay Area Montessori House after school music teacher) for recommending she audition--and for having confidence in her, knowing she would only have a couple of days to practice a piece of Suzuki violin music she hadn't played in three years.  

She went in with butterflies and came out with smiles.  "It was a good day for a good day!"

Update on 10/10/17:  Ella had her first rehearsal a few weeks back, but with her recent confirmation of dyslexia, reading the music in small print left the words floating all over the page--and "a tornado in her head."   

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