Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School

  :  :  :  :  :  First day of school all filled with smiles  :  :  :  :  :  

In the past when I'd pick E up from school, I'd ask her what the favorite part of her day was.  She'd respond in the oh-so-typical-four-word sentence, "it was great mom." We all know she has a gift for storytelling--and mama wants to hear her classroom stories--so here's my new approach....   
Wish me luck!

Update:  It worked...she picked one card, told me what she did/learned relative to that activity, and moved on to the next one.  Before we knew it--the jar was empty--but my head was filled with all the morning's excitement.  Also, got wonderful feedback from her teacher (and even the other two PK-4 teachers).  It's comforting to know she's in good hands.  She wants to go back "every single day."

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