Monday, April 16, 2012

Rainy Day Monday

Under-the-weather, rainy day activities: 

Butterfly Mud Pie Recipe (from Grandma's Bag of Tricks):
Fill a clay saucer with soil and sand.  Sprinkle a bit of table salt to top of the mixture.  Water daily--or in our case today--set outside for some fresh rain water.  Place a flat stone in the center of the pie so the butterflies can land and feed.

We drizzled a bit of maple syrup left over from breakfast on part of the rock for an extra snack.  When the sun comes out, we will place the pie in a sunny area next to her play house and near butterfly-friendly flowers.

All butterflies welcome to the mud pie party!  

Seed filled Easter Eggs
Another gift from Cindy and Mike....what a cool idea!  I'll have to remember these next year.  The eggs are filled with different flower seeds and soil and wrapped in plastic.  You crack open the top of the egg with a spoon, take out the shell pieces, and water.  She has four different types of flowers (Impatiens, Marigolds, Snap Dragons, Pansies) to watch grow.
She loved the watering part.  She watered two, and we set the other two out for rain water.   
After nap activities:  paper shredding and more down time with books and a little Mickey Mouse (I'm almost certain).  

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