Monday, April 16, 2012

Twist and Yank

More from Grandma's Bag of Tricks...

Did you know that pineapple crowns shouldn't be cut off the top of the fruit, but twisted and yanked?  And, you can root your crown by placing it into a jar of water?  Where have I been?  Mother Nature is so amazing!

All you do is twist, yank, remove any pineapple flesh from your crown, tug three of four leaves from the bottom, make three or four thin, horizontal cuts in the stem (you will see little brown spots appear, which will some day be roots).  Let it dry for a couple of days, then put it into a jar of water.

It won't produce fruit quickly, but the anticipation of life to come--and a beautiful, exotic plant born into our family--is worth the wait!  We'll see what happens.

Love this book and rainy days that give you free indoor time to read and explore.


  1. I did this with a pineapple I brought back from Hawaii, it grew into a huge plant and we got baby pineapples from it. I just cut the top off and stuck it in dirt:) Hope all is well.

  2. Do you still have the plant? Ella was asking about Livy today; she told her dad she wanted to see her and asked where she had been???? Troy explained she is now in another class at the same school;). Ella was out of school Monday and today; she hasn't had a fever since Monday afternoon, but she's not felling well.