Saturday, April 14, 2012

Me on the Map

Several months ago, I turned into our driveway and told Ella, "we're home." Then, I spilled out our address a few times in a sing-song way.  A week or so later--and out of the blue--I heard her "chant" our address.  At first, I heard only the street name, but the numbers soon followed.

Last year, I happened upon a learning tool a blogger used to help her son recognize his place on the map.  Ella was too young at the time, but I rediscovered it again on and decided now might be a good time to expand on her address. 

I glued a few relative items on the front and listed five simple facts about each on the back.  I'll try it out on her tomorrow and see if it peaks her interest...

What a reminder of how small we are on this grand planet!

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