Thursday, April 12, 2012

All We Need Is la la la

"There's no such thing as bad weather--only bad clothes." 

April is the month for showers, and our nature girl could use some rain pants.  Rain pants will give her the freedom to explore without a litany of well-intended parental cautions.  I saw some online at REI, but decided they could be made for a fraction of the cost. The waterproof, breathable fabric was purchased online at (thanks to Meg at      

This morning I had a sew date with my friend, Lesy--a seasoned seamstress.   My goal:  rain pants.  Her goal:  streamline my rookie sewing process and keep me from having to use my oh-so-familiar seam ripper.  We make a great team!

The results:  Fun girl time and two pairs of rain pants in varied sizes.  We used a pair of Ella's pants as a guide for our pattern and upped the size a bit, since they are meant to be worn over clothes.  We also used velcro at the bottom to give a snug fit around her ankles.   

Bring on the rain...

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