Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Day at the Ranch...

Troy travelled to Waco yesterday on business, so Ella and I tagged along and visited my long-time Cappy buddy (and her sweetheart of a husband) in Thornton, TX.  What a treat!

Ella and Troy got to meet my friends--Jan and Hank--for the first time.  We stay in touch through Facebook, but there's nothing like visiting a dear friend you haven't seen in a very long time.  And like all true friendships, our conversation never missed a beat.  It was as if we'd seen each other weekly for the past ten years.

Ella fell right into step at the Bison Ranch--and loved roaming the grounds talking to the bison, "birdies," and the two spoiled-as-much-as-Dag canines.  And yes...I actually ate bison tacos with fresh salsa made from home-grown ingredients.  Yum, they were the best tacos I've ever eaten.

Thanks Jan and Hank for a fun day at the ranch.  We can't wait until our next visit!
She climbed the fence to get a better view...

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