Saturday, January 7, 2017


...was a little hectic this year--not in the shopping-kind-of-way, but in the moving EVERYTHING in our house, garage, and attics, so the long-awaited home remodel could begin.  
Ella asked Santa for the usual wooden top and candy cane (which he obliged:).  
He also surprised her with roller skates and a special handmade Luke Skywalker costume--complete with Jedi robe.  
She played violin in her school's Christmas program.
Made gingerbread cookies with her friend, Gabby.
Stayed true to Christmas pasts--celebrating the journey and birth of our great King.
Enjoyed Elf Shennigans:  "Three Kings" 
Coveted daddy time
And...ended the season with our gift of experience:  
family massages to relax those-oh-so-sore-moving-muscles.
Happy Birthday Jesus!

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