Wednesday, June 1, 2016

On the Road Again

Ella is navigating the way to our favorite camping haunt in Round Top, Texas.  
Destination reached.  Below is a peek at what happens during our stay...  

Heading up the stairs to enjoy the "King of Swing" Asleep At the Wheel in the Stone Cellar Dancehall.
A lot of daddy/daughter dancing and twirling took place. Books were read. Volunteer work was done--leaving the soggy earth a little less cluttered.  Games were played, trees were climbed, music was made, fun was had.  
I'd call that a successful road trip!
"Traditions, traditions.  Without our road trips, our lives would be as shaky a fiddler [in the tree]."

This little fiddler is being featured in The Polka News and is credited for photos taken during the Asleep at the Wheel concert;).  Stay tuned...

Thank you, Gary McKee with Texas Polka News, for always making our little one feel loved.  

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