Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Wheels On the Coach Go Round and Round

Three weeks.  

Nine states.

Exploring, living...and 
loving life on the road!

First Stop:  Louisiana
Ella Grace times two

Longest Stop:  Tennessee
Stayed six days in Knoxville with an amazing family--family who had a calling and eventually adopted 27 unbelievable children (I think eleven were there during our visit). 

We laughed, cried, listened to stories, explored the grounds--and couldn't stop smiling at how well this family works together. 

What a humbling experience...and truly a majestic place!  God is good.
Creative Play

Some of the children:
Funny thing about Nashville is Troy's rep, Dennis gave his neighbors a head's up that some guests would be parking their motor coach in the driveway for a few days.  Well, he also told them that his guests were Taylor Swift's parents;).  

We arrived after dark.  The next morning the lady next door was out talking with Dennis when I walked out of the coach.  He introduced me at Taylor's mom, and her mouth dropped wide open.  Soon after, she started apologizing for how she looked and not having any makeup on....   It wasn't until Troy (Mr. Swift) walked up and couldn't keep a straight face that the truth surfaced:).  

Anyway, what a great family.   Dennis' wife (Betsy) and I were two peas in a pod.  Travis, Burke and Ella hit the ground playing and never skipped a beat.  

Love it when you meet new people and leave making plans for the next friendly get-together.  

Travis and Ella
No trip to Tennessee is complete without a visit to Graceland.  In first grade, we lived seven miles from Graceland.  Mom and Dad used to take us there on occasion.  I loved standing in the very place Ella and Troy stand in the picture below and watching the King live his life. 
Last overnight stay before Home Sweet Home.  Besides family time, meeting such wonderful people and forming new friendships made the adventure much more exciting.  
Sweet Cajun Boys
Other states this trip:  Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky (Heaven received another angel...R.I.P. my sweet friend, Karen Sexton; I miss you already), Indiana (The Happy Hammers), Arkansas, Oklahoma

Until next time, Happy Trails...

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