Monday, February 2, 2015

You've Got Mail

From love notes to secret totes 
One a day from mom and dad from Feb 1st - 14th (thanks Aubrey)
She gets so excited about getting these notes every morning!
Secret Totes
Don't be surprised if one of these filled with something tasty secretly appears on your door knob.  Ella's way of saying you are loved!

Oh the childhood thrill of getting mail and ringing a doorbell on the run (such an exciting mystery to solve;).  

Update:  Cookies were made, totes were stuffed and delivered--in a not-so-secret-most-everybody-caught-us kind of way;).  Lots of mommy/daughter giggles and a day that was true to her love note this morning, "put a smile on someone else's face."  Mission Accomplished with love and laughter.  

And, she managed to fit in a practice while the cookies were baking;)

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