Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sweet, Tender Moment

On our way home from a play date this afternoon, Ella asked if we could stop by Schlotzsky's for a pizza.  Beside us at a table was an older couple.  The man proudly wore a Korean War hat.  While we were eating, our conversation went like this: 

Me:  That sweet man at the table next to us fought in the Korean War.  Do you know what that means?  

Ella:  Yes, it means he fought for our freedom.  

Me:  That's right baby...and to those men and women, we give thanks (which we do in our prayers).

We continued our meal and after a few minutes, Ella asked if she may be excused.  I said, "sure do you need to go to the restroom?  She said "no."  Instead, she walked over to the man, looked up at him and said "thank you for fighting for our freedom."  

Meanwhile, back at our table I was wiping away tears.  They both thanked me so sweetly for teaching Ella about the sacrifices men and women make.  He had experiences beyond my comprehension.  

So proud of our sweet Ella--and the men and women who serve our country. 

Blessings...we honor you!

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