Monday, February 3, 2014

Fun on Ice

Been wanting to take Ella to the nearby ice skating rink so SHE could try it out.  I looked online and found out today was Open Skate time from 1-3...perfect!  Picked her up from school, and we drove straight there.  She was excited about the idea of ice skating--thanks to her Pinkalicious book.  

We arrived and talked with the young lady at the front desk.  Don't know what I was thinking, but I certainly didn't think I would have to go skate with her.  So, I politely thanked the young lady and said...well, we will come back another time because i have absolutely no idea how to ice skate. To which my sweet four-year-old replied, "come on can do it...a good rabbit never gives up."

We had so much fun clumisly making our way around the rink.  A few hours later, Ella was trying tricks like the big girls twirling around the center of the rink.  BAD IDEA for beginners...she bumped into me, and we both went down giggling;).  

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