Thursday, March 21, 2013


Meet Ella's new friend, "Galimoto."  This little push toy was ingeniously crafted out of wire wrapped in fabric strips by a child in Nairobi, Kenya.  It's a fair trade item supporting under- and unemployed artisans.

This afternoon we looked up Kenya on the globe and checked out NATGEO Kids info on Kenya, before I surprised her with her special gift.  Love the creativity children have when they are freed from all the unnecessary stuff that fills mosts homes today.

Looks like we will be "galimoto-ing" in our neighborhood tonight under the light of the moon.

Book: or check your local library

Update on March 22, 2013:  Tonight it occurred to Ella that her Galimoto wasn't wearing a helmet. She found one of my DDP lids, had dad drill a couple of holes, and I ran some embroidery thread though it. 

The kids of Kenya who make these vehicles from scraps would be proud of way she repurposed my bottle top. Now, she's off to bed knowing he's safe;). Love the way she thinks!

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