Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wonder and Play

With Dorothy Ella swept away to a magical land, a Wizard of Oz sensory bin was inevitable.  I scoured the house and collected stuff I could find and included: 
  • rainbow colored rice
  • farmhouse puzzle pieces
  • finger puppets
  • yellow felt for the road
  • basket and dog stuffed animal
  • lion cookie cutter, tiger puzzle piece, bear stuffed animal 
  • straw (raffia) for the scarecrow 
  • heart (Dag's latest tag)
  • badge of courage for the lion
  • OZ magnetic letters
  • hanging monkeys
  • suckers for the lollipop kids

When she woke up from her nap, the addition of more findings led to a bigger bin. 

  • Glenda the Good Witch crown and wand
  • Kansas puzzle piece, 
  • Dorothy's gingham bows, etc.

Playing multiple roles:  Lollipop kid and Glenda
She drills in the the evening...all over this land.  Thanks Nanny and Pops for the real, hand crank drill and safety glasses .  You can't see her right hand in this picture, but she's cranking her drill to make a hole in the wooden disk; she's "making necklaces for her friends."  Daddy is helping keep the drill bit from slipping.  
Her finished necklace (I only helped with the cord, clasp and a final spray of fairy glitter;).  

Her magic flower wand using a dowel, flower, bells, and ribbon.  I can't remember what she turned our neighbor's dog into, but I think it was a frog.  
Story Starters...these worked great as sources of inspiration during dinner.  Since we already had paint out for her necklaces, I painted some additional wooden disks, while she napped, and used Mod Podge to secure stickers, etc.  
Wings (made from her baby clothes) to help her "jump higher."
Imagination in flight..

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