Thursday, November 15, 2012

Amazing Ella Grace

Ella loves STORIES.  She doesn't care if we read them, watch them, live them, make them up, or act them out...and she ALWAYS gets the most exciting part.

The Little [Girl] Who Could...

She camped under the Costa Rican stars
 spent time in a bubble
flew duo with Amelia Earhart
 built a house of bricks
 cooked with Julia Child
 auditioned for Sissy in Urban Cowgirl
 splashed under a Super Moon
had daydreams with Lyla

 played bagpipes for the troops
 grew up with Stone Aged parents in the town of Bedrock 
believes "A Dream Is a Wish your Heart Makes" in Cinderella 

bit into a poisonous apple, fell into a deep sleep, and was awakened by her Prince
 watched the balloons drop in Times Square
joined the cast of ER

volunteered at the local animal shelter 

dined in Hee Haw's Kornfield Kounty

floated across the English Channel (sans helium balloons)

minored in Global Studies

had tea with her Prince Charming

...and Waltzed Across Texas

Our Amazing Ella Grace...the little girl who can do anything when she puts her mind to it!

How Sweet Your Sound.  

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