Friday, July 27, 2012


Saw a similar idea on and decided it was a great Friday afternoon activity for Ella.  I cooked four boxes of spaghetti (from the Dollar Tree), divided the spaghetti in half and added food coloring--and a little veggie oil to keep it from sticking.  

We started out with a Lucky Ducks memory game where she matched the shapes and colors on the bottom of each duck to like shapes/colors placed along the outside of the pool.  This can also be done with ABC's, numbers, etc.
All she kept saying was, "I like this mom, I like this" (referring to the feel of the pasta).
Game over
Taste test 
We added water to the pool/spaghetti and the activity gave new meaning to the sport of noodling.

Serving me up some spaghetti...
Snack time...popcorn and a yogurt/honey frozen pop (1 cup plain yogurt, 3 Tbls of honey frozen in Dixie cups)
Colored ice art

 I like the way she thinks...this child-led activity turned beneficial for me;).
Ice and shaving cream massage on a hot day...what a sensation!
Life is good!
Clean up...and a three bears lesson; this pale is too small for momma;). 
Quick way to get down the slide. 
Too quick for her liking. 

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