Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reading Nook

Rearranging is common place around our house.  I recently cleared the bottom two shelves of a large bookcase in our living area to make room--and consolidate--many of Ella's books.  With the books in order, it was time to create a cozy little reading nook.  This little corner is now one of my favorites; i hope it becomes hers, too.  

Satisfied with a wonderfully messy after-school snack of Nutella, pretzels and fruit, Ella discovered her reading nook.  It didn't take but a second for her and Weasel to settle in with the Ingalls family as they made their way to their new little house on the Kansas prairie.  I love the My First Little House Books series...wish I had the entire set!

I find it's the simple, inexpensive things I create or repurpose that have the most meaning to Ella.  Know this phase won't last long, so I'll cherish these moments with my little pioneer girl while they last.

Snack, book, nap time...goodnight Ella Grace!

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