Friday, August 12, 2011

Adam and Eve

Bought Ella the story book of Adam and Eve last month.  She loves me to read it to her over and over again, and in her own way, she reads it back to me.  Found these wonderful, free bible story printables on   Since the story involves the forbidden apple--and Ella is not allowed to eat apples during her 4-6 week ISR swim lessons, obedient we will be!  
Adam and Eve books, finger puppets, and coloring sheets
Ella also loves to sing the ABC song and can pretty much make her way through it--even filling in when we stop singing.  So with all of that, the rest of August will be centered around activities that involve: Adam and Eve, apples, the letter A and counting.

States that begin with A 
Ancient turtle
Acoustic guitar, astronaut, accountant, accordion, alligator, apple, artist, animal cards,  American Sign Language, airplane...and our list goes on.
Apple painting at school
Apple counting/matching
Books that include adoption, art, animals, autumn, afraid, anatomy, alligators, apple orchards, afternoon...

And since she loves to help in the kitchen...she can wear her apron to help make some Alien Pops...

Tonight before bedtime, she and daddy did a little apple toss...

And, when swim lessons are complete, apple bobbing is on the agenda-- since her all-time favorite apple will no longer be a forbidden fruit.

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