Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moody Gardens

Today, we took Ella to Moody Gardens: and what a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.  We started out in the aquarium where she couldn't get enough of the sea animals--most of which she has only seen in books or toy form.
Love the natural museum stance

Then, we took in the 4D film, Dora and Diego Adventure:  Catch that Robot Butterfly, which Ella absolutely loved (so did we).  What a great see, hear, feel and smell sensory experience--with special effects that included wind, smoke, mist, leg ticklers and seat buzzers.  It felt so real, Ella was reaching out to grab/touch things.

After having such a wonderful rainforest adventure with Dora and Diego, our next stop was the rainforest.  It wasn't quite as exciting as the animated film, but she enjoyed the simplicity of being in nature and seeing live monkeys, butterflies, beautiful birds, smelling fragrant flowers--and getting rained on;).  

What a great family day!

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