Saturday, August 13, 2011

Covered Wagon

It was a Little House on the Prairie covered wagon kind of day where Ella, her Pa and her Ma, and their good old bull terrier, Dag, headed to the neighborhood park.  Pa pulled baby Ella down the winding road in 100 degree heat until they reached the shady park. 

The family went exploring, and Ella tried out every piece of playground equipment in the park.  

Ma and Pa took up seesaw-ing

Before long, Ella and Dag were tired and hot, and the harsh Texas heat chased the family back home.

Baby Ella hippety-hopped on daddy's shoulder and shared her cover wagon with one HOT dog.  After arriving at home, Ma put on Ella's nightcap and tucked her and Dag in their respective beds.   

Tomorrow Pa's going to play the banjo while baby Ella sings and dances--and, it will be an indoor kind of day.  Goodnight friends! 

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