Thursday, July 14, 2011

Going Fishing

Bought these cute little fish-shaped breads at the store today, and they inspired a little fishing trip.

Fish shaped bread will make eating a sandwich much more exciting.  I purchased the fish ice tray at Ikea;  Ella will have fun scooping the ice fish out of a pale of water--especially on a hot summer day.  I also colored some water with gel food coloring in the round tray and added the circle part of a metal brad to each (fingers crossed hoping this actually works), so she can fish them out of a pale of water with her magnetic fishing pole.  The other favorite food items are Goldfish saltines and cup-cake flavored grahams.  The orange gurgling fish pitcher came from Galveston Gallery.
Bathtub fishing:  I set aside letters that stick to the tub, squirting sea creatures, and oatmeal flakes for the "fish food."
Blue color wheel fish puzzle
Word exercise
Additional languages:  Sign and Spanish
Magnetic Sea Puzzle by Melissa and Doug
Matching Exercise with small sea friend buttons
Coloring and more
Our little fish swam to the ladder, popped her head out of the water, and proudly proclaimed to her audience, "I did it"!

Some well intended activities don't always go as planned, but something always gets learned--and fun memories are made.  

The metal brads worked, but as soon as the ice began to melt...the brads were the first to go.  Since the magnetic fishing rod was no longer needed, Ella had her first experience "noodling."  Thanks Daddy!!!

Next, she scooped the fish-shaped ice from one bowl to the other.  

 After a bit, that got old...

...and she got thirsty.

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