Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fun, Learning Activities

Trying to stay one step ahead of a little girl who is learning/growing daily.  

Ella has been into frogs lately and started saying, "bibbet, bibbet, bibbet" every time she saw the frog in her Mother Goose book.  I found this little song on the internet and had most of the stuff on hand to create the little scene for her.  It's amazing what I keep these days that I would have ordinarily thrown away without a second thought.

Fine motor skills, colors, sequencing...

Number, lacing worm using pool noodles and rope...
Had an extra set of cards from the Dollar Store, so cut a few in half to make a matching exercise for her.  
More fine motor skills and color matching...
Bracelets:  a mostly rainbow colored foam/charm bracelet (didn't have indigo, violet in foam) and an edible Cheerio bracelet as a surprise snack after swim today!

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