Monday, November 9, 2015

Headed down the unassuming road between Houston and Austin that is as quiet and undisturbed as the cow pastures it cuts through.  Destination:  a colorful community centered around antiques, lifestyle, history, and culture--and mom's favorite place of respite. 

Thank you Gary McKee for making Ella feel so welcomed--and including her on 2015 2nd Fiddle Festival.  It's fun for little ones to see themselves in pictures;).
Instramentalist/musician extraordinaire, Mark Rubin Ella to play a song for him.  He shared stories with her about his mentor, Itzhak Perlman, and commented to her "your form is better than mine."  

Thank you Mrs. Meghan and Mr. Koko for always focusing on the importance of good form;).  
Taking it all in.
Playing for the band during break;)
Ed Proullard, Creole musician
Erupcion Hidalguense, Mexican Huapango
A few unexpected requests during the evening...
Playing for the birthday lady!
...and dancing with her daddy!
Stunning concert hall at Festival Hill Institute.

 Our stay is never long enough to enjoy all that is...Round Top!  We'll be back.  

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