Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tell Me A Story: Bison Ranch

This little girl has been enjoying trips to the bison ranch since she was a wee little tot.
Maybe its the excitement of big animals, rides on the ATV, country air, starry nights, fishing, relaxing by the pond, and/or just enjoying the company of good friends.  Whatever it is...each visit brings with it a new adventure!  
I remember this visit so well.  She realized that "Uncle" Hank didn't talk the same way she did.  In solidarity, she found a piece of blue painters tape, adhered it to her neck and went about her day.  Such a sweet gesture!  
This week's trip was a bit of an anomaly:  Before we arrived, a pregnant bison fell dead.  The next day Ella contracted a high fever. The day after the storms came.  
Sometimes you just have to throw your hands in the air and enjoy the moment.
In the end, Ella was well, the sun was shining, and we made it home safely.  For all of that--and for good friends--we are truly grateful!  Until next time, Jan and, light, and a smile;).
Hey Dag, wanna play?

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