Thursday, December 11, 2014

All Aboard

CLANK, CLANK, CLANK!  HISSS, HUFF, HISSS!  CHUG, CHIG, CHUG...can you hear it?  The Polar Express train arrived in the wee hours this morning and "Oh What a Sweet Surprise!'  There is something magical about trains--trains were the lines that connected the dots of our world and kept us moving forward.   
With trains and connecting the dots...comes constellations.  Way in the distance, out in the far reaches of our galaxy, Ella and I play a great game of connect the dots.  
Thanks to Twilight Turtle and the clear night-time sky, we found Orion, dogs, bears, dragons, the little dipper, and even a flying horse.  

Trains, constellations, Christmas magic, and the birth of Christ.  We believe.  

Next Stop, Bethlehem!

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