Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Mr/Uncle Ralph"

Ralph always told me how much he enjoyed following our blog and watching Ella grow.  He saved some pictures to his phone (along with some iPhone videos) and said when people would start showing pics of their grandchildren, he'd start showing off Ella.  Hard to believe these two never met face-to-face.  Here are the last two unscripted-beautifully-random-out-of-the-mouth-of-a-four-year-old videos that made him smile....

He just asked me two weeks ago if he could start interacting with her in some way.  His plan was to read her stories via Skype or FaceTime.  He was so excited about getting started and even planned his intro with me.  Unfortunately, his health started declining rapidly just days later, and the communication never happened. 

R.I.P. my sweet friend...I promise I will always share YOUR story with her.   Miss you already.  


  1. Beautiful. I need a tissue now! She is such a blessing for so many people.

  2. Thanks Michele...we miss him--and our conversations.