Friday, September 13, 2013

: : : : : A Guest Post From Ella : : : : :

Today, Ella started using an old Nikon CoolPix camera we had tucked away in the closet.  It's fun to see what a three-year-old can capture with the lens...things of interest only to her, at her level.  Quotes are from her.

"I took a picture of my rocks."
"This is Cub sitting on rocks."
"This is my birdhouse."
"That's our neighbor flying in."
"That's a new bamboo shoot."
"I took a picture of the sun's particles."
"That's a pail of nails." 
"This screw can be dangerous, if you step on it."
"Those leaves are just sitting in air."
"That's my lady bug sun catcher."
"This is my self portrait."

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