Sunday, May 5, 2013

From Box to Wood

Ella started taking violin lessons after the first of the year--thanks to informative Kindermusik teacher, KayLynn Gibson of Nederland, Texas 
Last year at Dicken's on the Strand, Troy, Ella and I stopped to admire two young violists playing their Christmas tunes.   

As luck had it, we were standing next to the children's mother.  Since I am instrument challenged, and E seems to have a passion for musical instruments, I asked lots of questions.   KayLynn kindly obliged.  

E started out learning appropriate stances, parts of the violin, bow hold, and rhythms
Graduated to a box violin
Acquired her very own practice "violin studio" (like her teacher, Mrs. Meghan;). 
And, last week...she earned her real violin!  She was sooooooooo excited to perform her first concert this weekend to a sold out crowd at her "Aunt Jan and Uncle Hank's" Bison Ranch outside of Waco;).

Coming your way soon:  Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star ;).  

Recital:  June 15th.  

Here's to the sound of peaceful, soothing music--EVENTUALLY.  

Special thanks to all those who listened in support: 

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