Monday, April 29, 2013


"Mommy, come see...I spelled the word, cat."  When I walked in and looked at her magnetic board, she started sounding out each letter and then said the word, cat.    Afterwards, she removed the "c" and added a "b" for bat and repeated the process with an "m."
Months ago Ella became interested in writing scribbling, so I set her up a writing desk. 

Next to the writing desk I placed a shelf with ABC and Number activities on it.  Often times, Ella would go to her writing desk and scribble, but she didn't show much interest in the items on the shelves.  Having subscribed to Maria Montessori's philosophy, "Follow the Child" when Ella turned five months old...I just let it be.

Tonight while I was preparing dinner, she obviously noticed the shelf--and this time it sparked a bit of interest.  I love sweet surprises!

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