Saturday, February 2, 2013

Garden of Weeden

What a beautiful day to be outside enjoying the sunshine and tending to the garden.  As I trimmed my way through the thickness of thirty-plus native Gulf Muhly grasses, I discovered a dissertation of parallels between gardens and life.  Long periods of quiet time to write aren't present right now, so here's some light weeding...

Gulf Muhly grasses look good all year long and can take your breath away in fall with their super-fine, purple-to-pink colored flowers that dance in the the wind.  However, beneath the surface, the earth was carpeted with annoying superficial, deep-rooted, stubborn weeds that took time, patience and strength to uproot.  When ignored, weeds of the garden--and soul--grow deeper and more plentiful. Routine weeding creates space for a bountiful harvest of blessings.  
Eastering:  Hidden in the darkness of almost every planted grass, lied a carefully placed pecan.  I smiled at the thought of Ella's friends (the squirrels) busying themselves last Fall storing food in our plants and "waiting" for the cold, dark winter months to enjoy the nuts of their labor.   
Pulling weeds and planting's the story of life!  Happy Weeding. 

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