Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Souper Girl

There comes a moment in the late afternoon when my energy slows, and Ella's soars. This is the time when I can find peace in a bowl of soup--soup of many colors/flavors prepared especially by our little...
Souper Girl
Blue Hawaiian Glitter Soup
(Thanks Meg at Sew Liberated for the low energy inspiration)
Detox Green Soup
Brown Swamp Soup 
Blue Roosters
King Cake Soup 
Red Velvet Coconut Lime Soup
Oil Slick Soup
Bridget Jones Blue Soup
Bubble Gump Soup
Thanks Souper Girl...your soups are a true reflection of you.

Ella played peacefully for 1.5 hours pouring, stirring, mixing, etc., while I relaxed and took pictures.  I could have fallen asleep had I not feared a bowl of multi-colored soup being poured slap dab in the middle of my lap.


  1. That Would wake you up. He he

  2. Did you get this?

    1. Yes, I got it. It shows up as anonymous, so I wasn't sure who it was.