Monday, December 5, 2011

Bird Seed Ornaments

We made bird seed ornaments the first week of Advent (Creation) to help feed God's birds. They turned out pretty cute, and the birds left no seed behind.  We made them using this recipe: and packaged them using the file folder box tutorial:  Ella took them as gifts to her teachers and friends.

I love the red boxes used in the tutorial, but we had a box of natural colored on hand.

Ella delivering her first ornament to our neighbor, Cambrey 

A sweet hug 
And of course a butterfly ornament to Chas.
Her boyfriend(s), Harrison and Townsend... 

And more deliveries followed before she hung her own ornaments on trees out back

And our first of God's creatures (Hawk) was waiting in the wings...

We will definitely do this again!


  1. what a lovely idea and creation. Happy Holiday making and celebration to you and your family.

  2. Thanks Sheau! Sorry for the delay in responding, but I'm just now seeing your comment for the first time. Happy 2012;).