Saturday, October 8, 2011

Muzzy El Grande

"Muzzy" is Ella's new favorite educational video.  One of my favorite bloggers recommended it a while back.  We checked it out from our local library to see if it peaked her interest before actually purchasing.  We've had it for five weeks now, and she asks for "Muzzy el grande" everyday.

Muzzy comes with six DVDs and book(s)
Mom made her a Muzzy doll, and she carries him EVERYWHERE.
She loves Muzzy and is picking up Spanish, too.  Time to invest;).
Feeds it...Muzzy is an alien and eats clocks, parking meters, etc.

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If you're interested, check out the link:]&gclid=CPq26LzS2qsCFQXe4Aod-EbkSA


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