Monday, July 4, 2011

Currently on our shelves..

When Ella was five months old, I started searching for balance in our lives.  At that time, I was introduced to my first Montessori book, Montessori from the Start.  Loving the concepts and yearning for order in my life, I immediately began preparing the environment to better meet her developmental needs and my need for order.

At seventeen months, Ella started at the local Montessori school three hours a day/five days a week. At home, I support the fundamentals as best I can.

Had some left over wood from the animal tree house project, so I made a natural matching game.  Thought about painting the shapes, but since I recently made the colorful play mat with bright matching colors, I decided to keep it simple.  
Polishing activity using natural, non-toxic wood and block oil 
Colors and coloring books
Small muscle development (grasping and hand-eye coordination) using large lima beans
Homemade playdough
Water pouring activity
Rubber bands (refined hand movements and hand-eye coordination practice)
Objects on stationary vertical dowels (more hand-eye coordination along with finger positioning and grasping)
Moveable vertical dowel
Nesting boxes
Homemade activities seem to be her favorite.  She plays with these for 20 minutes at a time.  
Finger puppets (repurposed old photo holder)
Tops...I made the two smaller wooden tops by cutting a dowel 3" and sharpening one end with a pencil sharpener.  Then, slid a prepackaged disk (found at Michaels or Hobby Lobby) over the dowel close to the tip for just the right spin.  They look nice natural, too, but I chose to paint bright colors.
Doll play
Music is part of her daily life...and I don't have a musical bone in my body.  I provide instruments for her to explore, and if she remains interested...we will call on professionals;). 


  1. love it! miss penny would be so need to give her the link to your blog. i want to be a mom like you when i grow up! ;)

  2. Thanks Steph...i'll have to share it with Miss Penny. BTW, YOU are a great mom!

  3. Fantastic! We have the same book. I really like the use of vertical dowels. For the beans exercise, I tried a few times, but Eiya tend to spill them on the floor instead. Haven't tried wood polishing yet. Handmade is the best! Look like you have been busy. : ) Ella too.